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Question about blood levels


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Moms hemoglobin levels keep dropping very drastiucally. We thought it was from the chemo, which it very well could have been, but she hasnt done chemo in over 2 months now and they cant keep her counts up at all.

She was rushed to the hospital for a transfusion (levels down to 4 or 5) and she got a shot of procrit. She has been getting regular shots of procrit, but I am just curious what is it that is causeing her blood levels to go down so much.

Any insight? is this normal for LC?

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I think I may have answered my own question. I got this off of WebMd.com

Aplastic anemia is a very serious condition that occurs when there's a marked reduction in the number of stem cells or absence of these cells. Aplastic anemia can be inherited, can occur without apparent cause, or can occur when the bone marrow is injured by medications, radiation, chemotherapy or infection.

But Im still wondering if it can still effect the bona marrow because the radiation was done awhile ago and the chemo was a little while ago too.

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A while back I read something to the effect that when chemo is given at the proper intervals it hit’s the stem cells when they (are at a certain point?), if the chemo is done at too long of intervals the stem cells are at a point were they are rebuilding and that is a bad thing as the chemo hurts the stem cells. I think that at a point in time, such as a length of time after the last chemo the stem cells might be reacting differently and in turn creating,. hemoglobin/blood issues. Since most of us never looked at blood work before we may think normal is while we are on chemo.

I hope I didn’t and sorry if I just confused the issue I will search out this and try and clarify this rambling thing I wrote. Anyone else know if this can affect the hemogloblin


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