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Question about pneumonia


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Hello everyone,

I told everyone that my dad was admitted into the hospital last friday. Well he is still there. He was short of breathe and he also had fever. Now he is feeling a bit better but the doctors are convinced he has pneumonia. He's had 2 chest x-rays which show some "cloudiness" but thank goodness they don't mention a Mass being there like there was before he had treatment. His family doctor ordered a CAT scan but they refused until they heard from his oncologist! My doctor is very mad because the hospital refused the scan!

My dad is starting to feel a tiny bit better but he is still tired and doesn't have that much of an appetite. He finished his last chemo almost a month ago. My brother was doing some research and came across "radiation pnemenitis" (sp?) Has anyone heard of this before? My dad has all the things associated with this.

Any comments would be appreciated!!!



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Sorry to hear about your Dad. I remember having a slight case of this following my radiation. I had finished in June of 02, and came down with this in November 02. I think after you've had radiation it takes a long time for your lungs to recover, which makes you succeptable. I had a low grade fever on and off for about 2-3 weeks. Felt bad, but it finally stopped. I think I was put on antibiotic (Zithromax, maybe). I hope your Dad can get a CAT scan soon; talk with the oncologist as soon as you can. Tell him to keep up the good work and get well soon. We're all rootin' for him.


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I also had radiation pneumonitis after my first round of chemo and radiation. It was accompanied by a low grade fever (it ran 99.1 to 100.1) most evenings. I don't know if the fever is typical, but the oncologists was fairly sure that the fever was from the pneumonitis (inflamation). It was uncomfortable for a while, but it ran it's course after about a month and I'm doing much better now. Of course, I'm sure everyone would have a slightly different experience.

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Thank you for all of your comments and experiences. My dad doesn't have a fever anymore. It was only for a few days before he went into the hospital. He has a chest x-ray done every other day and the doctor says it looks "a little" better. My dad is slowly recovering. I brought him pizza last night and he ate a slice. On the weekend he was horrible. He would not even look at food! He is on 2 kinds of antibiotics...one is aveloex (sp?) and I can't remember the other one. Do anitibiotics make you "out of it?" because over the weekend it seemed he was forgetting things like, who came to see him the day before.

Thank you again,


I am praying for everyone.....

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