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Hospice and aggressive treatment

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I think Ry is right. Hospice comes in only to give comfort and pain medication toward making the last days or weeks the best they can be for the patient. I don't believe they will come in where any kind of treatment to battle the cancer is still going on. Don

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All the above are correct. I am on hospice care and have been since shortly after my dx. This is because I chose not to have aggressive treatment. If I were to change my mind I would have to go off of hospice care to recieve chemo or radiation.

It's a bit of a shame, in my opinion. I see no reason someone going through chemo/radiation/whatever should not have access to the same types of services I recieve (home nurse visites every week, meds mailed, etc.) if they are needed.

Just my opinion.


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perhaps they should establish a new title for that sort of care

hospice is set aside specifically to aid the dying. it's a very special and particular kind of love and care.

i agree that there should be care for those still fighting, but i don't think that it should be hospice necessarily. perhaps a branch of hospice called soemthing different, with different procedures and focus.

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Guest medgrrl

many hospitals are establishing palliative care services which are exactly what you are talking about - symptom management and support for folks whether or not you are pursuing aggressive treatment. check out http://capc.org/

good luck!

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There are some organizations which will offer skilled supportive services for dangerously ill people who still want to pursue treatment.

Here's an excerpt from their website:

Palliative Home Care Program

Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island's Palliative Home Care program offers practical help at home intended to comfort and support families and individuals living with a progressive life-threatening illness with a life expectancy of a year or more. The patient may still be receiving active treatment but has a skilled needs such as pain and symptom management. Palliative Care encompasses a broad range of services, including the basic components of hospice care. However, Palliative Care services are provided earlier in the disease process and are not limited by a specific prognosis.

Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island offers Palliative Home Care to patients who may not be ready to stop disease-modifying therapies and who may have a more chronic, longer-term disease. Palliative Care services may be initiated at any time during the diagnosis and treatment process.

Care is provided in the home and in assisted living facilities. The goal of Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island is to meet the specific needs of patients and families, improve the quality of life of the patient and to offer relief from pain.

My mother is getting a visit daily, home oxygen, help with pain meds, Foley catheter...and the nurses have been wonderful. We also can have a social worker if desired.

Nobody should have to choose between treatment and supportive care.

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