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Having lots of swelling and joint pain.....


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Hi all, I haven't said much about this because what you all are going through is SO much more than this, but I've been having a lot of swelling in my hands and feet and a lot of joint pain. I went to the doctor and after some blood draws and days of waiting it is official, I am the lucky recipient of rhumatoid arthritis! Yippy Skippy!!! Well, it really shouldn't suprise me because my other half (literally), My twin sis Cindy, has had it for 4 yrs. I was kinda bummed out at first, but then I thought, get over it, it could be a lot worse! So, I guess it's off to the rhumatologist that Cindy goes to. Hope we don't confuse them and they think I'm Cindy! Probably will start on Placqinil (sp) and later Methaltrexate (sp) it is a chemo drug. Don't care what it takes, as long as it does the job! Kinda hard at work right now with all the lifting and repeditive hand movements. On top of this I have a double eye infection that won't go away; been on antibiotic drops for 6 days and it's not going away. It sucks waking up with your eyes matted shut!! I know this is nothing compared to what you all are going through, but just needed to talk to someone about it, ya know?

God bless everyone here and prayers for all!

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The eye infection could be related to the RA (sicca sydrome is common with autoimmune disorders and makes folks susceptible to infection.) But make certain you let the Rheumatologist know about the recent eye infection, especially before starting Plaquinel. Good luck with the treatment.

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Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry for the dx. Take it from one who knows, RA stinks at best. We all have our crosses to bear & what makes what any of us are going through more significant than your pain? You deserve a break too after what you've been through. Here's to hope for the miracle treatment program for you. Heaven knows that with the practice of medicine (as we see daily here), one never knows what will work best for any given individual.

God bless & you are in my prayers,


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