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My scan results a mixed bag-BIG OVARIES?


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Ok, got my scans back and chest is great and no other mets anywhere, but......

PET lights up like an xmas tree on my ovaries. SUV numbers were even higher than my original lung tumors. So I am not sure if I am NED.

Been around the world of tests all week. No answers. All Docs say they have never seen sclc met to the ovaries-EVER. One docs wants it all taken out anyway just for fun.

FYI, I learned that sclc can start as a primary in the gyn tract. It not from smoking w/ its there, but I didn't know it was found in other places not as a met.

I have chose the lets wait and see for 6 weeks and rescan approach. Considered a reasonable choice.

Has anyone had their ovaries light up the PET? My ovaries have a few cycts and have doubled in size since 11/04.



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My mom's CT from two weeks ago showed an enlarged ovary (she had a hysterectomy in 1976 and her doctor left one ovary to prevent early menopause). When I asked her doctor if it could be the cancer spreading she said if it was then it was a new primary. But if you have heard that small cell can start in the ovaries, I'm curious. I will discuss this again with her other oncologist tomorrow and let you know if I find anything out.

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This question could be asked of the Experts. I often wondered the same thing. Can small cell start in other places besides the lung? My uncle I believe had small cell of the stomach, but he also was a smoker. I currently am trying to get his medical records from the hospice he was in in 1994 to find out if in fact the small cell started in his lung or elsewhere. I have read, though, that small cell cancer can start in numerous places in the body.


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