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Guest Misplaced

Hello I'm new here.My mom found out Oct. 14 2000 that she had stage 4 non small cell lung cancer.She later found out the cancer had spread to her brain and various other organs.She is the bravest person I have ever known.She was through out everything a lady and a saint.Im sad to say by the time the cancer was found it had spread to far.She underwent chemo, radation and surgery.Ind April of 2001 her doctor called Hospice to come help care for mom.Those people we so incredible to mom and all of the family they did so much for all of us,and showed us so much compassion.I could never thank all of them enough.Mom fought to live but i believe that god needed her to much.I know that its so hard to watch someone you love go through this.I know how scary it all can be.I wish there was some easy answer or some magic pill.I hate to think that anyone would have to suffer this.If anyone would like to talk i am here.My email is Misplaced@smashing-pumpkins.com

I am now 25 live in Indiana.I have two small children and a loving hubsand.I never thought i would be able to cope with what happened.Or that somehow the pain would consume me and i would dissapear.There are way thru it.Time doesnt heal all wounds but it does help.I think about my mom alot but lately i think about her more.I still pick up the phone to call her,or write her letters.But i am happy that she is in a better place now.Away from pain and the cancer.Thanks for listening.


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So glad you found this sight. your message is great for all of us. time does seem to heal all things.

I had a smile on my face when you said you still pick up the phone to call your mom. I to did this about 3 or 4 times after my mom passed away with lc. I was so use to calling and talking to her every day that somedays it was just a normal reaction.

I also had a very weard happening years ago. When my parents both passed away, both with lc, me and my family took over their house. I wasn't working at the time. one morning i decided to go back to bed after my husband and son left for work and school. I had this wonderful feeling of awakening and my mom and dad were at the foot of the bed telling me they were fine and that I should get on with my life and stop grieving. After that to this day have never taken a nap (unless sick). It was bone chilling.....

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