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Mom one heck of a lady

Guest Misplaced

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Guest Misplaced

I lost my mom on May 20 2001.She is the sweetest,most loving and compassinate person i have ever known.With all that she went thru she still thought of others frist.I remember one time she was really sick (she just finished a round of chemo) it was chilly outside and all she kept saying was put a coat on,I dont want you getting sick.Everytime we went to see her in the hospital she always saved a cookie for my son.I dont like to refer to mom in the past tense because to me shes still here.I know deep down she will never leave me.

My is the greatest grandma in the world.She cried when i gave birth both times.My oldest son Lil Z was her soul mate.In so many ways he reflects her.He was only 4 when she passed away and i have never seen a child that age so upset.He still talks about her all the time and even remember going to see her.He has made the loss of her easier.

She touched so many people in her life and death.She brought my family together and made so many people feel special.She felt things so deeply and had the most outgoing and friendliest personality.Mom you are missed and loved.

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I was taken back with the way my children responded to my moms death my oldest son (19) put his fist through the wall. My next son (16) has had a hard time with my dad dating and he is the most sensitive with how I am dealing with it all. My daughter (14) has had many things change in her life at the same time and is undergoing treatment. They all have a hard time going to moms house even though grandpa is still there and needs us all so much. They all spoke at her funeral and gave their fondest memories of her which is something I believe they will always cherish. Children really do love very deeply even though they may not always show it the way we expect them too.

HUGS, Shelly

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