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Church Pot Luck

Fay A.

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Jane was cooking up a big pot of her baked beans for the church potluck.

She stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and while she was gone, her son,

Little Johnny, came running through the room, a BB gun in one hand and a box

of B B's in the other.

He tripped over the leg of a chair and, naturally, the box of BB's were

accidentally dumped into the pot.

Little Johnny peered over the edge of the pot and watched

the last of his BB's sink out of sight.

Not wanting to risk a punishment, he quietly left the room and said nothing to anyone.

The potluck went well and Jane's baked beans were enjoyed by all,

just as they normally were.

The next day, however, the church secretary placed a call to Jane.

"Jane, your baked beans were as good as always, but what did you put

in them this time?"

"Nothing new," Jane replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, this morning I bent over to feed the cat and I shot the canary."

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