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question about decadron dosage

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Hi ya'll. My mom's been in quite a bit of pain lately and we finally convinced her to call the doctor. She had an MRI this morning that confirmed a met in her spine that is pressing against a nerve. The doctor started her on Decadron, with the first dosage going through her port today. She'll also have radiation (14 treatments) beginning tomorrow.

She was on Decadron right after her initial diagnosis (for her brain mets) and I compared the prescriptions when we got home. Initially, she took 2 mg 2x daily. This current prescription is for 4 mg 3x daily. Does that sound like a lot??

My mom was climbing the walls when she was on this medication before - it was really awful!!! I'm wondering if she should say something to the doctor or if this sounds standard. I sure don't want her to be in pain, but I also remember how bad the side effects were from the Decadron.

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Maybe see how it goes this time? She may need it more now, for symptoms...eh?

When I get chemo I get 8 mgs.....but with my first go-round with chemo, I think I got 20 mgs. on day one and 10 mgs. the other days.

I got sorta weepy somewhere along the line...so they cut me to 10 mgs. and eventually, 8 mgs. It works fine for me. Makes me verbose.....I talk a lot anyway, but sometimes the steroids really run my mouth for me. :roll:

See how this dosage goes for mom...and if there are problems, ask her onc about reducing the dosage. Does that make some sense?

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I am not a decadron fan... but she needs help from the pain.

Another suggestion might be to see if a steroid injection directly alongside the nerve might be of some help. A spine doctor would be a consideration...neurosurgeon or orthopoedic. I had this procedure done by a radiologist and contrast dye, steroid, and numbing agent with a herniated disc and nerve compression. The injection was successful for me on the first stab and eliminated the pain and the need for oral steroids.

Another suggestion would be that if she is to stay on the decadron, if she can get some medication to help offset the "speed" effect so that she can get some rest. Sleeplessness and steroids pretty much go hand in hand and can be quite exhausting and fatiguing after a short while.

good luck,

Cindi o'h

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