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Hi there... Today my father was officially diagnosed with stage IIIb lung cancer.. The full biopsy results should be ready in less the 24 hours to give us more info. He is 72 years of age, and he and i agreed that we will fight this NO MATTER what they say. My inspiration comes from Lance Armstrong's book "It's Not About The Bike" which i've been listening to on audio CD. I highly recommend picking up the book or CD... I'm staying positive and will keep his spirits at a high level at all times. The attitude from this point forward is "WE WILL WIN"

I will be a regular now on these boards so any info that can be of help, i would appreciate it. Thanks

Sam Jr.

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Welcome, SamJr., although we always add that we wish our meeting were under other circumstances. Your positive attitude will be a good asset as you and your father and family undertake this LC journey. Please keep us posted on how he is doing and ask any questions...someone often has a good answer or source.

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Thanks Tiny... According to the Pulmonary doctor, it can't be operated on because it is non-resectable and it has spread to his lymph nodes (right shoulder). Radiation Therapy is our option at this point which we will take. He made it clear to me that Chemo was not the same as Radiation Therapy... I'm still learning more about this, and will be asking A LOT of questions with the Oncologist this week when we meet. I'll keep you all posted... Any insights you can add to this is appreciated.

Sam Jr

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Radiation is for "local" control only. Chemo is needed for "systemic" treatment. This means that they will use radiation to kill the tumor cells in the chest area. You have to be aware that there are many side-effects with radiation that *might* occur, such as fibrosis. Conformal radiotherapy or other "directed" radiation will target the tumor better. You can ask if this is something that should/could be done.

If there are micro-metastasis, metastasis that can not be seen in other parts of the body, then radiation will not help.

Make sure you get a few opinions before you chose a treatment because the treatment your dad gets now may limit the clinical trials he may be eligible for later.

Sorry you are here. If you have any questions there are a lot of people here who can help


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