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Crawling out from under the knife


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Monday, April 18th Hooray, I’m alive! Stayed up late last night, just a tad bit worried about the procedure today. I needn’t have been. Chad showed up at 10:30 am on the dot and we went to TG to pick up a prescription, and then to St. Joseph’s. This facility, which is only 8-10 blocks from Tacoma General, is brand new. Now, I don’t know how much things cost from a design point-of-view, but I know lavish when I see it, and this new St. Joe’s outpatient wing is lavish; with a capital Lav! I mean, Corian™ countertops for all the phone kiosks? C’mon.

The whole thing, start to finish, took 4 hours; and that was having a procedure done under general anesthetic! Years past, you would have been in the hospital at least overnight. Once they got me into the “fanny-waverâ€

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Your journal should be required reading for survivors just beginning this journey. Have you considered contacting a publisher to have it be a published book or pamphlet?

I was disappointed you didn't give your Mother the o.j. frozen concentrate can covered with macaroni and sprayed gold. Just what every desk needs as a pencil holder.

Glad you woke up after the anesthesia. I had a short procedure last July and aspirated at the very beginning. Took a long time to be 'revived' after the procedure. Am I afraid of GA, you bet your sweet bippie.

Hope you are doing well and that your treatments are successful.

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Uncle Doug you're just goofy. :P

I hope you can spring for the cream to numb your port so you won't feel it when they access it. They will give you an ice cube to numb it at the infusion center if you don't have the cream.

Hope all goes well...


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