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pain from radiation?


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This evening my husband had burning pain in throat and sharp pain from neck to above ear on same side as radiation which was given today. I called radiation doc and he said was not sure but if it got worse would meet us at ER. It got better so we did not go. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas as to what it could be. Friday we go back to NYS. Just hope we make trip OK. THank you for your help and support. Carole

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I know that my mom had a heck of a time being able to eat, drink, swallow for weeks when she went through radiation. The throat pain eventually went away. In the meantime, she used magic mouthwash and ate her food mashed and lukewarm. It was the only tolerable way..

As far as the neck pain, I am not familiar. Hopefully they can pinpoint that and help out with something. Take care!!

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