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Non- smokers sign petition...

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I also posted this in General...

Very interesting article..

I hope that draws some attention.

From the home page of www.neversmokers.com:

Thousands of never and nonsmokers are diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Recent studies suggest that lung cancer among never and nonsmokers may be biologically different than lung cancer among smokers.

Further studies are needed to better understand the unique characteristics of this disease and to determine the most effective treatment protocols for such patients.

Under the guidance of leading lung cancer research oncologists, including Dr. George Simon, MD at the Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, this site was developed as a registry for such patients. It is hoped that by gathering information, research in the field of lung cancer among never and nonsmokers can be greatly expedited. To our knowledge, this is the world's only such registry.

Never Smokers - those who have never been smokers.

Nonsmokers - those who quit smoking 10 or more years prior to diagnosis,

HELP US FIND PATIENTS The more registrants we get, the more useful information we have to pass on to researchers. Please tell other patients, your doctors, local support groups, online support groups, etc.

- - - - -

If you are a non-smoker or a former smoker with 10+ years of non-smoking behind you, please visit the website and register.


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