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Fingers crossed


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My mom went in today to start her 6th & final round of chemo, thankfully her blood work came back okay & they were able to proceed with day 1 of 3....However, she had never mentioned this to me before, but apparently shes been having some pretty bad pains in her back & down her leg for the last little while. Thankfully she mentioned this to her onc today & he's sending her in for a bone scan on Tuesday the 22nd. I'm just hoping & praying that it hasn't spread & maybe its the fibromialga(sp??) thats causing her pain, the lesser of two evils I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed until then I suppose!!

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Forgot to log in, sorry!!!

It could be something as simple as a protruding disk. Now that's something I can speak personally about, having not 1, but 2 back operations you know. I know all too well the back pain and the sciatic nerve pain in which I can find no words to describe how horrible it is. I will bet it hurts her more sitting, than standing or lying down. I am notorious for thinking the worse about everything, but I hope and pray it's what I mentioned above and nothing to do with the cancer. Hopefully some ibruprofin and a small amount of back exercize will make that pain go right away!

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Good thoughts for your Mom's pain to go away.

It could possibly be chemo-induced neuropathy. My Mom had that last spring. It is a possible side effect of Cisplatin and a few other drugs. My Mom's started in her thighs then went to her hands and feet. If she starts having tingling pains in her hands, be very suspect and ask for neuro onclologist to see her. Meds & physical therapy can help.


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