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It's getting better


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Just want to report that I think the reason it's getting better for me is because I'm allowing it to happen. Tim passed five months ago December 19th and we laid him to his final rest on Thursday May 12th. We had a family 'celebration' of his life for three straight days and it was good.

Now I am focusing on the interior of our home - having window trim put up, etc., things Tim just didn't have time to finish…even though he had 30 years (sound familiar?) I can't help but believe that he is having a hand in it all because it feels real good.

So my point in posting my progress is to let others know that it is possible to go on in a meaningful way. I still have a good cry every couple of days, but I chock it up as an honor to him. I miss his presence.


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Glad to hear from you. Glad also you are focusing on getting some things done. Working on things around the house is a very good start for getting back into the main groove of life itself.

You are inspirational to those who may be feeling this day may never come. May you continue to heal and feel peace in yur life.

Thanks for letting us all know. For sure there will be MANY more prayers heading your way tonight. Please keep us posted on your continued progress.


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Hi, Cyndy, looks like we are on a parallel trail but I am a two months behind. Jim passed three months ago and we are going to bury his ashes in July, with an accompanying family reunion. I have a problem with TOO many projects. And I sit on the porch and notice more things that need done ... So much was not attended to for the longest time - It is satisfying to see things shaping up - I am getting ready to paint the trim around the doors and windows a hunter green, meaning eyeballing it and wondering how hard could it possibly be - dare I get way up there on the real tall ladder - what if the paint doesn't work - yeah, right - it is paint, only so much can go wrong - but what job should I do first? So many things need done. Still dealing with way too much anxiety but I will adjust some day, I guess, maybe. Miss him terribly but feel like he is okay in Heaven. I am down here just doing the best I can. Anyway, Hi, and glad to hear from you.


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