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Speeding Pope.


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The Pope was visiting England - the first time for a pontiff since the 1980s. At Heathrow airport he was greeted by the usual bullet proof stretch limo and chauffeur etc.

The chauffeur was an experienced older man who was thrilled with the gravity of the assignment. However, he was a little shocked when the Pope asked if he could drive. The chauffeur established that the Pope didn't have a licence or insurance and hadn't driven a car since the war. Understandably the chauffeur advised the Pope against it. The Pope however was not to be denied and begged and begged until the kindly old chauffeur relented.

So off they set with the Pope driving and the chauffeur in the back seat rather enjoying the occasion. The Pope is terribly excited to get behind the wheel of a car after all this time and puts his foot down. The limo screeches onto the road outside the airport and the Pope has soon reached 70 in a 40 mph zone.

Hidden behind a handy tree is a police car driven by a bored police sergeant and his young police constable. At first the sergeant debates as to whether he's seen the car at all as it's only 5 minutes till the end of his shift. Public duty gets the better of him and after a blue lights chase he pulls the limo over.

The serg decides to send his PC over and settles down for a quick kip. After a few minutes the young PC comes back, looking rather pale. The sergeant asks him if everything's OK and whether there was a VIP in the big posh limo.

"Well let's put it this way", says the PC "I can't be absolutelysure 'cause I've never seen a picture but his driver's the Pope.

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