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Poor reflexes after WBR?

gerbil runner

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Mom's doing pretty well, all things considered. We really enjoyed the Smothers Brothers on Sunday. I rented a motorized scooter for Mom, and it was a real eye-opener for us both. Mom had a very hard time reacting in time to stop for doors, avoid people, etc. Mom has also had a couple of falls lately, and I think they are related to her poor reflexes/reaction time. When she gets off balance or her foot catches on something, she goes down before she can do anything to stop it. She tripped and fell flat on her face a couple of weeks ago. Luckily she was on a cushy carpeted floor. Mom feels like she's getting stronger, but the falls are scary for her because she's down before she realizes what happened.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems after WBR? She also has short-term memory problems, but not too bad. A little nausea, but that's getting better. Her oncologist is happy with her progress, and the scans after WBR indicated it has been successful. Thanks.

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Hi Jen:

My Mom is having similar problems after PCI. Her onc. thinks that maybe the radiation onc. may have hit at the base of her skull where the spine is, and which is where balance etc. is controlled, with the radiation and damaged it. He wants to do a few tests, but he did say that it will heal in time. Will let you know what else happens with it.


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I noticed that your history says you had Cisplatin and VP16. So did I. After surgery I had a second go round with them and developed neuropathy from "toxicity" so he did not give me the last week of chemo. I have also decreased reflexes in my feet as well as changes in my ablilty to sense (touch etc) with my feet. It just makes me wonder if it is the irradiation or the chemo. Donna G

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I had similar symptoms after WBR. In the first month or two after completing WBR I felt a little dizzy at times and even fell a couple of times. It has gotten much much better with time. That's the thing with WBR, it keeps working for a few months after treatment is finished, then you have to get the steroids out of your system and THEN you start to feel somewhat "with it" again.

I still have the short term memory loss, I "think" it's getting better now, but I don't really remember! :P

Give your mom some time to heal and I'm sure you will start to see some improvement soon.


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