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My mom is currently doing the Taxol/carboplatin treatment and just finished her second treatment last week. She has extreme numbness in her feet and now to her fingers. The numbness started immediately after the 1st treatment. To relieve her from the numbness, they gave her a drug (starts with an N, but I can't remember the name of it) that she takes incrementaly larger doses each week, but it's not working. The doctor said that if it's not relieved by our next visit to her, she would put my mom on another protocal. The doctor said the Taxol is what is causing her numbness and that it is nothing to worry about, but that she'd rather change my mom to another treatment that causes a lesser side effect. What's the next best line of treatment? Have any of you experienced this numbness? Aside from cramping in her stomach for a couple of days, that is the only other side effect she's had. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!

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Natalie, Lucie had numbness in her fingers and toes while taking carboplatin/taxotere. I think it is the taxotere that does that, related to taxol. She took something but I don't recall what it was, that seemed to help. She also had some dead tissue on her fingertips and toetips, which is just now going away. Blessings. Don

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My daddy had the same problem after he had the first chemo, and the doctor said it was caused by Taxol.

I called one of my friends who is a research nurse in M.D. Anderson, she told me if the numbness is severe, you can ask doctor to prescribe 'neurotin' for you.

I asked my daddy if he would like to try, but he said the numbness is slight, he would like to wait to see.

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