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acid reflux follow up question


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I had a lower right lobectomy in April of this year and I too have(not sure though when I read the definition of acid reflux) stomach problems. My interpetation of acid reflux is the esophagus area and not the stomach??? My problem is the stomach. No constipation either. Feels upset all the time. I can eat ok but not as much as I used to. Dr has me on Nexium for about a week now and still no change??

He didn't seem to concerned since I do not have to see him until July 5. I actually forgot to ask him if he thought it could be from the surgery but my stomach was fine before the surgery.

Anyone else experience this problem??

Bill in PA

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Hi all - this sounds very close to what my Dad is experiencing after a left pneumonectomy. He always liked fine food before the surgery, but most days since he has had what he terms "no appetite". He says he just can't taste food at all, or it tastes bad to him. Certain foods sound good to him, but he tries to eat and there's no taste (or bad taste) and no enjoyment so he is hardly eating anything, which zaps him of energy, and he is discouraged at his slow progress. Doctor prescribed Remerol to stimulate appetite, but that's an anti-depressant (!!) causing a lot of wacky problems for him, though doesn't appear connected to the appetite. Does that sound familiar to those of you with acid reflux? We are looking for the root of the problem so it can be adequately treated, and so far the doctors don't seem to investigate much before they start prescribing. My Dad is 81, but very active before surgery, walking 18 holes of par-3 golf at least twice a week. O2 saturation levels are great, and doctors are impressed with the "numbers". Thanks a million - I'm glad I found you!

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I had some problems eating when I had the acid reflux and stomach problems all the time. It lasted at least two months. Dr put me on the Little Purple Pill (NEXIUM) and it worked after about four weeks.

It is now 5 months since my surgery and I can eat anything and it all tastes good.

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doesn't really sound like acid reflux to me at all. It does sound like depression. I don't know anything about the drug that they have your dad on. Besides his appetite, is he showing any other signs of depression? Sleep disturbances ...too much or too little? Hopelessness. Withdrawl from normal activities?

Sometimes it takes awhile for the med to kick in. Some meds have too many adverse side effects that cannot be tolerated. Hope you find the answers you need. He does need to eat!

Take care! Glad you found us!

Cindi o'h

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Thanks, Cindi -- he doesn't seem hopeless, just discouraged. He doesn't talk about giving up, just that he wants to get better quicker. The more we get him doing everyday activities like he used to (writing checks to pay the bills, watching a football game, keeping notes about his progress), the less depressed he seems to me. He still jokes around in a good way, so hopefully he'll keep improving, though somewhat slowly.

Thanks again for replying!

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