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An update from our neck of the woods

K and Kids

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I have been dropping by to read and keep up with the news on this board but I have not posted much. Never the less I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers especially, David and Karen, Beth, Dean, Carleen and many more. Please know that you are never far from my thoughts and I wish you strength and lots of love.

Now for the update. My Mom, Paddy, is nearing the day when she will be flying here to MI to move. The moving company came and packed and left yesterday so that is one MAJOR thing done. Needless to say this has been an unbelievable stress on Mom. I remember doing this a couple years ago when Jeff and I moved but at least I had him to vent to and help in some way. Mom has been handling this on her own for the most part and while I have been able to take care of some of the things on this end, it is a helpless feeling not being able to BE THERE.

So, now we are hoping for a smooth couple days and Mom is just wanting to get to the airport and on the plane without any hitches. She has the dog to handle and luggage and this is making her nervous. It will be a relief just to get here.

We are so excited to have her coming. The kids are very happy and Scott says he will be able to give Grandma lots of love. It is funny but he has been talking about his Grandpa a great deal lately and doing things that my Dad would find so funny. Mom sent Dad's ashes on ahead so I have them here now and although I focus more on Dad's spirit being with us, maybe he is showing us that he is here and feeling at home. Scott is doing and saying things that reflect so many of my dad's interests. I have not talked in detail to Scott about any of these things but he is picking it up somewhere. Last night I showed him the last book that my dad wrote and the little man was so tickled. He seemed to GET the idea that this is pretty special. It is very cool and my dad is probably having a good laugh over all of the latest actions and comment from his little grandson ... not to mention how I am dealing with all of this.

Maia dance recital is this Saturday and Mom flies in early Friday morning so the timing is perfect. Maia is very pleased that her Grandma is able to come and see her dance. It is a special time. Grandpa would have loved to see his little grandaughter in her recital but we do have the memory of him watching her practice her ballet for him when they were last here. It is a special memory for all of us and Maia's ballet teacher really enjoyed being able to make that happen. At one point she turned Maia towards Grandpa and she did her Grand Reverance(sp?)(her final bow) for him. Those are the memories that make me tear up. Thinking of the coming events in my children's lives and Dad missing them is one of the things that is sad too. I know he is there in spirit but it is just not the same some how.

Anyway, that is the news for now. I am sure that Mom will check in once she is settled here. If you can send prayers for a safe and uneventful journey for Mom, we would appreciate that.

Lots of love to you all.

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