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Update On Mom


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Hey all...

It's not a good news/bad news thing tonight...just a plain ole regular update.

We're through three rounds of chemo now (carbo/taxol) and for the most part she's not doing too badly. The fatigue is driving her nutty!!! She's not able to be up moving about much at all which depresses her a little bit, ok, well, alot! If she's sitting still she's not too bad, though.

The taxol is giving her cramps in her arm and leg (odd that it's much more common for her on the right side) and quinine wasn't helping, so they gave her some ativan to take at night to help her sleep through...thankfully it's working.

Through 15 rounds of radiation...they're going to reposition it on tuesday because they don't want to injure her spine...oddly, i'd never even thought about that possibility. Learn something new every day, i guess. LOL Starting to have some esophageal irritation and they have her using liquid tylenol for now...will go on to the lidocaine/maloxx mix when the tylenol isn't cutting it anymore. Dietary changes are interesting...no longer able to stand any carbonation...she told me, "Guess i better learn to like iced tea for a while." And she told me that anything really hot or really cold hurts...room temperature is best. Again, learnin something new!

Prayers for all!

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Yes, Missy.

Can relate to the esophagus symptoms. Also, well lubricated foods are best. (no crackers or sushi; I tried these and it was like swallowing a brick)

Might be time also for protonix or something like that so that her esophagus doesn't get double burned. Spicy is also out.

The good part is that as soon as the radiation ends, everything will start to heal almost immediately and very soon after, she will be able to resume a normal diet. It is amazing how fast the cells replicate in the GI tract.

Cindi o'h

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