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I wonder if anyone can help either from experience or from a medical point of view.

My dad has been diagnosed with extensive lung cancer, initially treated for a secondry tumour in his neck. The neck tumour responded well to chemo but it looks like the lung cancer is now terminal. He is doing ok at the moment.

In the last day or so he has noticed quite a few lumps in his neck and chest area and his shoulder is quite stuff. Could these be more tumours coming up? is the sore shoulder related to either cancer? He is reluctant to see anyone as he says its pointless now but if antyhign can be done to ease his suffering I'm keen for him to get help.

Many thanks


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Dear Fiona,

First, let me say that I am so very, very sorry that you are having to deal with this and that your dad is having such a hard time.

I read through your other posts before replying here. After reading this post and your others, it is difficult for us to answer some of your questions because you just haven't given us much information. I realize that you said that your dad won't tell you much, so that is going to make it even more difficult for us.

In one of your earlier posts you said your dad had been diagnosed with "metastatic pharyngeal carcinoma". Then later you said the tumor in his neck was a "secondary" tumor with the primary being in his lung. So, that is a bit confusing to us.

Most people that are members of this board have lung cancer. When lung cancer spreads to other parts of the body, even to the brain or bones or neck, it is still called "lung cancer" or "metastatic lung cancer". So, my first question would be, do you know for sure which type of cancer he actually has?

Can you find out if he has two primary cancers, one being phayngeal carcinoma, and the other being lung cancer?

Also, can you tell us when he was diagnosed and each treatment that he has had. If you will look at my profile below this post, you will see one way of giving us this information so you don't have to type it each time. If you go to "profile" on the left side of the screen and scroll down the profile page, you will see "Signature" and a white box to the right where you type a summary of his diagnosis and treatments. After you type it, scroll to the bottom and click "Submit".

I also see that many people have suggested that your dad get a second opinion. My husband was diagnosed with very advanced Stage IV lung cancer, including 8 brain mets almost 2 years ago. As you can see from the profile, he has had a LOT of treatments and, until recently, has done very, very well. He continued to work and ride his motorcycle until just a few weeks ago. My point is that there are lots of things that can be done to treat lung cancer these days.

A lot of people on this board have encountered doctors who given them only 6 months, no hope, get your affairs in order, etc. HOWEVER, these people have sought a second opinion and found a doctor that had hope and they are WAY PAST a 6 month diagnosis.

Fiona, it could be that there is no hope for your dad at this point. I don't know. It's very difficult for us to comment, though, with so little information. Maybe you could print some of the responses you have received from others, including this one, and let your dad read them so he will know that just because one doctor says there's no hope, that doesn't mean he's right.

Also, how old is your dad?

Sending you hugs and love,


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I'm sorry details are so vague. My dad hasn't let anyone go to appointments with him and he is hard of hearing so maybe doesn't pick up things right. The only reason I referred to pharyngeal metastatic carcinoma is that was written on his discharge after chemo. The chemo was aimed at this tumour rather than the lungs, although the lungs are the main cause for concern now.

My dad is 73 now but very young and healthy for his age.



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Hi Fiona

It sounds to me as though your Dad has throat cancer which has spread to the lungs.

You are, of course, more than welcome to keep coming here for support, but if your Dad does have cancer of the throat, we are unlikely to be able to offer much in the way of practical information or first-hand experience with regard to the cancer or its treatment.

I hope that your Dad responds to treatment. Please keep coming here for emotional support on this journey.


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