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Good news about Mom


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Talked to my sister today and she was telling me how well mom has been doing the last few days. Mom had been very tired and weak and hardly eating at all, well she went out with my dad to Olive Garden and ate all her fettucine and 2 bread sticks! Before if she had eatin just the 2 bread sticks that would have been a lot compared to what she had been eating. Then she felt like ice cream so they went to the ice cream stand and she even ate all of that!

Also she came for a visit a couple of weeks ago and I took her to the store and she couldn't make it very far before she was worn out. Well my dad took her the other day to look for a wedding gift and she shopped for an hour and half, my dad finally had to tell her to make a decision as they had to get going.

Oh and one more thing, she is talking more. She had been pretty quiet, not at all like her. My sister said she sounded much more like her old self. :D

Well I was just so happy to hear the news from my sis that I thought I would share. Thanks again for all your prayers and positive thoughts.

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