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PCI Treatments Side Effects


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Hello Everybody, It is me again complaining as usual but if I cannot vent here what do I do. As of 6/29/05 I completed the PCI treatments. Since then I have been going downhill again. I had just started feeling a little bit normal when I had to make the decision of PCI treatment or not. I just thought well at least if I have them I won't feel quilty if I should get a brain tumor, but these side effects are bad. :cry::( I think they are as bad as chemo. I have no appetite, very nauseous, weak, shaky. I am really have a rough time. I had about 1/4 inch of hair it is all gone and I have burned places on my head and behind my ears. I have fought thru these last 7 months with all I had in me. When does this stop? Anyone who has had this and side effects please reply and tell me it is gonna get better. I know we all have rough battles and rocky roads ahead but I am just so sick. Please reply.

Thanks, Nancy

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Yes, I had some tough side effects. I had WBR, but basically its the same as PCI, just more sessions.

Mine was because the inside of my ears were fried. Yes, they shoot the beam in your ears, each side of your head. They canals were very inflamed and I was very dizzy (sea legs), no appeteite and just not right. Very off balance. My other Doc who looked in my ears said, "this hurts to look atits so red ".

After much complaining, and I mean much complaining, I was given steroid ear drops for my ears. This helped lot or it was just time for it to get better. Either way, inner ear inflamation is an issue that they just dont bring up. Seems simple enough to deal with. Mine also lasted a few weeks post tx until I got the drops.

Feel better I know it sucks.


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Nancy, I am sorry to hear that you are now feeling not well, I know PCI is much worse than doing chemo. It's probably because of the synergy effect. Chemo + Radiation + PCI all sum up make a huge side effect. The PCI's effect will be lessen in couple of weeks gradually. Hope you feel better very soon.

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