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Dads Tarceva Rash

Deb J.

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My sister, Lisa, posted last week that my dad had an awful facial rash from the Tarceva. His oncologist put him on topical Clindamycin and 4 days later it is all but gone. Does the rash come back? Or do people typically get it only at the beginning of treatment?

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My rash comes and goes. It was the worst at first. It all but went away for a while. It has come back again but not quite so bad. I tried the Clindamycin when I was on Iressa and it was not much help at all. The good lotions seemed to do the best for me.

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I was on Iressa but got the rash and clindamyacin worked for me. I went from 100's of tiny zits to about 10. My rash came and went and I continued to you the clindamyacin every other day for the entire 8 months on was on Iressa.

For me the rash came and went but was always present to some extent. Mine was worst the first 3 months and then it seemed to settle down.

Glad to hear your dad is getting some relief!


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