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Bowel Question

Guest Iiris

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Guest Iiris

My mom wanted me to ask you guys if anyone knew of chemo destroying the bowels. My dad has a perforated bowel and it's been mentioned that it was probably his last round of chemo that caused it. He has a tube in his nose to empty his bowels and he can't have surgery to repair it. Everything else

is in the process of shutting down now too. She's curious about the affects of the chemo - is this normal? He had 3 weeks of CP-16, I think it was, with the Carboplatin.

Thanks...... Billie

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Hi Billie..

So sorry to hear about this latest.

I think I did hear that the lining of the mouth esophagus and colon is one of the areas of the body that has a rapid turnover of cells, so I guess it might make sense that there would be more destruction there than other places.

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