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5 for 7/13/05


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1.) That I am here for my first anniversary! Neither of us thought we would see this day together.

2.) That I finally allowed myself to open up & marry the man I loved - heck of a way to wake up, but I'm glad I did.

3.) That even after being together for over 10 years, we still have that special glow of the newlyweds that we are.

4.) That my Hubbie is so sweet - he still loves to brush my short little hair & rub my puffy feet & achey back.

5.) That God has given me yet another good day to receive & give all this love.

Hugs & prayers to all,


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1. Will be spending the weekend with my son and his family, 4 adorable grandchildren.

2. Knitting

3. Able to reconnect dial up when cable modem goes down, like right now

4. The amazing spirit that weaves its way through LCSC

5. Delicious Taste of Hope recipes

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1) Carolyn is happy and feisty today after being miserable and feverish yesterday from 4 month vaccinations.

2) My aunt has been SUCH A BIG help, and it has comforted my Mom so much to have her here.

3) I got 3 emails from husband yesterday.

4) Mom is peaceful with this new direction

5) The loving support of LCSC

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