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Holidays especially designed for Cancer Patients?

Guest Fivos

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Guest Fivos

This is how it all started.When I asked my mother's oncologist about summer vacations and her fears of leaving the city and going away to a Greek island which can't fully accommodate any special needs she may have, he told me about an idea he and some of his colleagues have been pondering on for quite some time.

Imagine a hotel which accepts visitors who have undergone cancer treatment of any kind and are:

a) in remission

B) ending sessions of chemo or radiation therapy

c) are able to travel and continue their treatment while combining holidays in Greece.

The hotel itself will have:

1) Luxurious rooms for patients and their family members

2) Specialists from all over the world who would be in constant contact with visitors' personal oncologists and able to carry out any task required.

3) State-of-the-art equipment so as to allow on-the-spot prognosis of any type and have oncologist notified immediately of any alteration.

4) Lobbies where visitors from all over the globe can share their experiences (just like they do on this virtual support community) face to face with translators available round the clock.

5) And why not some excursions to Ancient sites or wonderful beaches under the Mediterranean sun.

It's just an idea now, but if people show interest it could materialise very quickly with International subsidizing and volunteer work. I for one would be the first to apply for the receptionist desk :D


Mom age 56 dx 4/4/2004 sclc after having a stent placed at her trachea to allow breathing. Docs' in Greece called it extensive stage.

17 rounds of chest radiation and 8 rounds of chemo. Twice had to postpone due to low counts.

By Oct 2004 the only "thing" the doctor could see on CT chest scans was scar tissue. Since then she has been living a normal life. Some coughing in the morning and when she lies down but nothing too bothering. She's been off any medication whatsoever since late October and doctors here in Greece are optimistic. Lately she has been complaining a bit about names she can not remember but the oncologist says it may be her age.

She's had xrays once a month and CT scans every 3,6 months so far so good.

Pending MRI scans to the brain before PCI. Let you know when that's done too.

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It would be okay with me if it were a little less luxurious. I'm more relaxed in a casual, comfortable atmosphere. Plus, the cost wouldn't be as prohibitive. I think they do cruises like this, don't they? Sounds like worth the time to start researching. You'll have to arm-wrestle for the job at the reception desk, though!

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I tend to agree with Leslie about the prohibitive cost of something extremely luxurious...but the rest sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Now, how bout figuring out a way to get those of us who don't fly well :oops: across the ocean? :roll: I'll never get to see Europe unless it comes over here at this rate!

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Just an FYI -

I goggled around and didn't find much of anything already in existence for caner-centered vacations.

Did find the following website for a weekend retreat that's apparently FREE for cancer survivors (a spouse or partner can come along for a "$100 deductible donation.") It's in Iowa. I don't know anything about it personally and make no recommendations. Looks like a nice weekend for people who are near enough to keep travel costs and time down.



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