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  1. Leslie221

    Brian K Osberg

    (((Pat))) I only just saw your post. I am so sorry to respond so late. Brian's faith was so strong, I can only believe he is in a beautiful place. I wish I could wrap you up in a cocoon and just protect you while you rest and heal. I'll do it in my heart. Leslie
  2. You and your whole family are in my thoughts. So sorry for your loss. Leslie
  3. Denise, I can picture you in his shirt - like being wrapped in a hug from him. We're here for you anytime, Leslie
  4. Holly, I just read your post. How comforting for your mom to have had you right beside her. Glad for her and for you she made a peaceful transition. We'll be here whenever you need us. Leslie
  5. Welcome Dave, I put your mom on my diagnosis anniversary list because lots of us diagnosed Stage IV have made to first anniversaries of survival and way beyond. Don't give up hope. Lots of great medical strides being made every day. Sending caring thoughts and strength to you and your mom, Leslie
  6. Great news! Happy New Year! Leslie
  7. Cindi and Joanie! You both sound so good, you've got my energy level way up! WOOOHOOO!! Tequilla and OJ here, please! And a bowl of crunchy popcorn, too! I'll sweep up my crumbs - of course, the moe Tequilla and OJ, the farther the crumbs will scatter! Leslie
  8. Leslie221

    Addie update

    Addie! Great to see a post from you! Bet that bath felt good.Thinking of you and sending strength every day, Leslie
  9. Leslie221


    Thanks for the updates! How can I send her a card? Leslie
  10. Fay, I have some good cries lately, said openly that all this stinks and I don't want it. Made me feel so much better! It's just as healing to say "I hate this!" as it is to say "I can get through it." They're both true statements. Getting out the Kleenex in your honor, Leslie
  11. Thanks for sharing that happy experience. You really needed that, didn't you? And glad mom enjoyed it just as much! Leslie
  12. Glad to see your update..let's hope things keep going in the right direction and every day Mike feels a little better. You're both in my thoughts and prayers, Leslie
  13. Sending caring thoughts and strength, Leslie
  14. I'm so sorry you're going through all this and I hope touching bases with us gives some relief and comfort. When I was 11, my dad had a severe depression (not his first, but the first I witnessed.) He was hospitalized, had shock treatment, the works. I had never seen him like that = he had always ben my hero -and I was crushed and confused. I had just started junior high and my own world was topsy turvy. Hormones changing. My mom tried to hold it all together and kind of expected me to just go on as if nothing was happening. HER life was disrupted and SHE needed me to be even a better, t
  15. Leslie221


    WOOOOHOOOO, Ms. Kasey!!!!! I celebrate you EVERY day! Leslie
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