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semi hall pass, for a couple days


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suki is in the hospital with some post-op stuff that needs to be managed. she went in yesterday afternoon and, so far, they are working on a slight pericardial eflusion, a small blod clot and a UTI.

she's pissed to be back, but happy to be in Sloan after some unbelievable drama with a local hospital yesterday. I am tired (I know I don't have to tell you guys what it's like to be in the urgent care unit for 7 hours, STARTING at 8:30 at night.) but I am so sure this is all just a teeny glitch.

so I just want a couple days - I found myself worrying about people here while I was watching suki sleep - I don't ever what you guys to feel I've disappeared, you've been SO present for me.

anyway, onward and upward.



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