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"Beam me up Scotty"


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Uncle Doug- I certainly hope that the oral symptoms are a side effect to your treatment-nothing more!!

thank you for your entry- I read it this morning and I must say- it put a big smile on my face-

I especially liked the attitude you expressed in the ending :

[There is something I can do, proactively, to advance my chances of a more successful quality of life. Keep the wonder and the desire to experience my life in a positive way as close to my heart as I can, for as long as I can. To share that attitude, that desire for a positive outcome, with as many people as I can. The truth is undeniable and unavoidable – it will always be waiting. But the path I choose, on my journey to reach that truth, is of my own design, as yours is to you. I wish you a safe and wondrous trip. Beam me up Scotty, I’m ready to go where so many have gone before. ]

Beautifully stated- thank you again for both , the positive spin and the humor !!!

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Dear Doug,

As usual, this was a wonderful post. I hope the mouth sores will heal up quickly and that the ENT will look and say "what are you here for? This is "normal" for your treatments."

Your insite is amazing. Thanks, again, for sharing.


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