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get off the internet norme


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well, it finally happened. my internet is through aol and i have been on the internet so much today off and on that my daughter-in-law thought something happened to us because she had been trying and trying to phone us and the line has been so busy everytime she would try she had to send a neighbor over to our house to make sure we were okay. guess i have to change to an internet that doesn't go through the phone line. i am on this net off and on so much anymore no one can phone me......oh well, what is more important, phone or lungcancersurvivors....i vote for the last one.....

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LOL Norme!!!

Hey, they have those programs that you can download for free that actually lets you know that there is a call coming in when you are on the internet! People can also leave a message that you can play while you are online to see if you want to bother calling them back right away or not. :D It also tells the person calling that you are online!

Maybe someone else knows the name of one of the websites to download one of the programs....if not, I will look around the net later and try to find one for you (I'm actually about to do something now). We don't want your family sending the calvary to your house!!


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i am sitting here laughing at myself and your comments. it sure feels good to laugh at oneself every now and then...

i already switched internet lines. i did so right after my neighbor left, didn't need to bother other people with my laziness. i knew about aol but to lazy to ck it out. i really needed to switch and plus, i saved a hoot of monies doing so. i got a package deal for my internet, home phones and cell phones. you can teach an old dog new tricks.. thanks you two....

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