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I am getting CAT scan do I need a bone scan too?


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Okay, I am trying to figure out your situation here.

Your going for a CT scan tomorrow, and three months ago you said you had a PET SCAN and Brain Scan? Am I right? You said they want to do surgery ASAP? Is that right? Yet, they don't know what this tumor is? Is it cancer or could it be benign? And they want to remove your lung without knowing anything at this point? :shock: You mentioned you have been coughing for two years and now your cough is better? What helped your cough go away? They can't do a Bronchoscopy, or a Guided Needle Biopsy or a Mediatinocopy? You got in for a CT scan on a one days notice? That's really unreal, but your lucky! Have you considered getting a second opinion?

As for a bone scan, it's pretty much protocal that they do a bone scan after they have done a CT scan, PET scan and brain scan. But, you may wish to mention it. But, then again, they don't know if this is cancer or not being you have not had a biopsy.

My Tumor was in the middle of my left lung also and the did all three of the biposy methods on me and the Needle biopsy worked. Plus they can biopsy the lymph nodes depending on where they are.

I know people who have had lung tumors that are bengin. Believe it or not, this does happen. I wish it happen to more of us folks! :wink:

Okay, forgive me for asking all these questions, but I'm just trying to put all this together in my own mind.

Maybe you wouldn't mind giving us a better picture of your situation so we can better assist you.

Best wishes,


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