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ct scan for tarceva results


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Hello everyone,

I would first like to ask if anyone can help me put my mothers journey with cancer like all of you have on the bottom. I'm sure I'm overlooking it, but can't seem to find it!!!

Also, wanted to share that my Mom has been on Tarceva since June 22nd. She has been going to the doctor every three weeks to get her chest x-ray and blood levels checked. Each time it has been good. On Friday, she will be going in for the "big one" though. She is having a CT scan to find out exactly how well the Tarceva has been working. I'm staying positive when I talk to her about it, but I'm SO scared. We have to wait until Wednesday for the results. It's going to be a very long week and even LONGER weekend. ughhhh

Keeping my fingers crossed and praying, praying, praying!!!!


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1) At the top right of screen click on my profile

2) Scroll down until you see signature

3) Type in what you want

4) Scroll down to the bottom and click on submit

**Theres is also an FAQ's on the top right of the screen that gives some helpful hints on using the board, if you have not already seen it.

Hope this helps, prayers for the best for your mom and you Malinda. Rich

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