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Newsweek cover: Who is at risk/ A must read


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I hope you had a chance to read Richs post (posted in LC in the News) on this weeks Newsweek cover about LC. Also the post by Hebbie on there.

This is positive stuff happening here. Been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come. (hmm sounds like a song to me) :roll:

If you havn't already read the post. I am very excited about it. :mrgreen:

Better yet, buy the magazine before it leaves the newstand.

Thanks as usual for the posting Rich... :D


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We subscribe to Newsweek. So...got it, we both read the article....I even HIGHLIGHTED some stuff so I can write to Newsweek and thank them...and I'm saving it.

Lots of important things said in that article...BUT IT IS JUST A BEGINNING!

Looking at Peter's face on the cover, just made me so sad..... :(

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