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Need some help.


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I have received a private message from a visitor today and need help getting some answers for them.

Here is the message :

Not sure of how to access you as a new member. I've been reading the

message boards for a month or two, as my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4

Lung Cancer in April, 2003. Started Carboplatin/Taxotere. Had TIA end of

April. Radilation Oncologist ruled out mets. He recovered right away. Had

another CVA in July. Going to check if sroke or mets. Very worried. I

teach, need to go to work again in a couple of weeks. How do I get help for

my hubby during the day? He has difficulty making good judgement calls as

result of latest CVA. Thank you for any and all suggestions. Your

organization is amazingly knowledgeable and caring. Would appreciate help

and direction with this situation.

Please send your responses as a post here or email me direct

Hopefully everyone knows how to access me by now... LOL...


Rick@lungacnersurvivors.org or admin@freeimail.net

Thanks in advance!!!!


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I have a few suggestions. I feel sure the Oncologist's office could direct this lady to a Social Worker who probably deals with this type thing on a daily basis. There seems to be several different type agencies that we can take advantage of - - - - probably just different in each area.

Suggest to her to start asking the oncologist and go from there,. Hope this helps a little.


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