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I hope someone will be able to help me. My Dad has metastatic lung cancer with secondary tumour to the throat/neck. he has undergone chemo and a short course of radiotheraphy to prolong his life recently.

We thought he would have longer, been given 6-12 months in June but he is fading so quickly.

He is now so weak he can barely walk, getting from the bed to the toilet is an immense task, his legs are so weak and shakey. Today is the first day he hasn't got out of bed and just drifted in and out of sleep all day. he looks so grey and old and thin. It is destroying me seeing him like that. He is also immensely confused, not sure if that is tiredness or something else.

Can anyone tell me of similar experiences or if anyone has any idea if this sounds like things are coming to an end already?

I want my Dad aroudn for as long as possible but I dont want him to suffer.

Yours sadly



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You should call his doctor. He may be dehydrated and that will cause the confusion and weakness. His blood counts may be too low also. The treatment takes the good cells with the bad and he may need a shot to build up his counts or IV's to re-hydrate him.


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It sounds to me like the doctor should definetely be updated on your Dads condition. Chemo can take its toll, but only a doctor should make the decision on what is going on with your Dad. I agree with Ry and Treeby that dehydration is a MAJOR cause of the symptoms you have described, so if you can get your Dad to drink, by all means do so, but make that phone call to the doc right away.

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