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O2 Question for Sam


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Dear Sam,

In one of your posts to Becky, you said the following:

An O2 saturation of 93 is not very good.

I'm confused. I thought that the goal was an O2 level of at least 90 with or without the oxygen. Could you help explain this.

Currently, on room air for 10 minutes, my O2 level is 80. It pretty quickly rises to 90+. It is about 92 when I have my oxygen on.

Should I be worried?


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Ada you are right...an O2 sat. of at least 90% is good. You are probably on a low flow O2 device (nasal cannula) and 92-93% is good enough for your doctor. When you are ambulatory it should also be at least 90%.

Good Luck and God Bless :)

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I'm sorry Ada. An O2 sat of 92-93 is certainly "acceptable" if the patient is not symptomatic. 90 is considered the minimum target for most people.

Mine is about 93-94 on room air at complete rest but I can definitley feel that. My brain starts to fog and I start to stagger. With any activity at all, I drop into the 80's and can barely function. Different people react differently to mild levels of hypoxia. 92-93 is not "very good" but most of the time OK. In my particular case, it's not even OK.

Even though some may feel OK and even functional at levels below 90, the risk of developing pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure increases.

Sorry to be confusing. I guess I must have been hypoxic when I wrote that.

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