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Update on my dad


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Just incase some don't remember my dad was having tests done to see if there was a problem with his heart. Well the doctor does feel there is some blockage and he is to go to see a cardiologist and have a heart catheterization. Dad says he will go for the initial visit, but doesn't want to do anything till mom is home and feeling better. The doctor said it wasn't an emergency but that he didn't want him waiting too long. I did't argue with him, I just figured get him to the first visit and see what the cardiologist says. Thanks again for all your prayers.

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Isn't it funny what passes as good news on a normal day?

You are so right! When we left the doctors I wasn't sure how to feel, a bit relieved that it was an emergency or worried.

Katie thanks for sharing your story. I hope that is true, but since my dad is pretty over weight and his father had heart disease I have a feeling they will find blockage.

Don thanks I will tell my dad!

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