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Uncle Doug


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Hi everyone!

Well, we got through the memorial service for Rachel and it was a beautiful day- We all gathered on teh beach as she had requested and Sister Betty Kane officiated and did a beautiful job- That evening we had a big bon fire and set off fireworks with all of her family, Stan's family and close friends- she wanted a small funeral and a BIG party- that is what we did- it was a very difficult day but we all had a wonderful time knowing that we did it just the way she asked us to-

Stan and I are very excited- Uncle Doug and his brother are on an Alaskan cruise and will be in Ketchikan on Friday- we are going to take them fishing aboard the "Miss Claire"- I know that Rachel would have done the same- I can't wait to meet them- Thank you all again for the wonderful comments about my best friend and her obituary-she did indeed have a wonderful although short life- I miss her terribly


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Oh that's great! You are right, Rachel would have done the same thing. I couldn't believe she flew to Michigan for the bash--and bringing shrimp and salmon with her. Let us know how it goes.

Oh wait! I just realized Doug didnn't ask for the hall pass. Give him hell when you see him.


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I am so sorry still about losing Rachel so young. Glad that you had a good "memorial" service. It sounds lovely. Please keep in touch. I was supposed to come to see Rachel one of these months too. Even looked up Ketchican on the map. I had some friends a long time ago who lived and fished in Bristol Bay and wintered and lazed in Hawaii or fished tuna off the Big Island in December for big bucks. And a fish spotter or two. Crazy youthful days...! All fun. And those guys were all nuts. Well. Rachel had a good life. Not wasted. At all. I am glad. (I think miss Ry gets a fine for swearing...am I right?)

love, Cindi o'h

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I am so sad. I had somehow missed the news of Rachel's passing. I was one of the lucky one's who had an opportunity to meet her at the Michigan bash and had enjoyed her upbeat personality in her posts as well. I am so sorry. I will include her loved ones in my prayers. This awful awful beast. :(


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