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my heroes


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to all the people on here as well as all the care-givers , you are truly my heroes----

I was totally devasted to have stage 1A ---no chemo nor radiation---yet I would say "why me?" I even debated what I would do if the Dr said I should get chemo---the thought of chemo (my mom went through that years ago- and it hit her hard) was revolting to me---

yet I see people on here day after day going through chemo, radiation, set-backs galore--, sick to their stomachs-, in pain -yet every one still has hope- and a spirit---I hope and pray that if my cancer ever comes back that I can be as strong as the people on here ---


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You are so right. The heroism of the people fighting this disease daily amazes me, too. The fortitude of their families, their true friends, and everyone's optimism is a beautiful testament to the wonder of the human spirit! What a noble and loving species we are!

Personal opinion alert:

As far as the "why me?" question, here's what I always say to myself: "It didn't have to be me, it just was me." You weren't chosen because of who you are, what you've done, or who your relatives are. I believe that the universe is so mysterious a place that we'll never fully understand why things happen, why fate is so unfair and random at times. The benefit of this randomness is that it affirms what we here know: neither you, nor anyone else, deserves lung cancer.

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