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Uncle Doug


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Hi Everyone-

I just thought I would post and request a belated hall pass for Uncle Doug- he and his brother Don are cruising through Alaska. They stopped off in Ketchikan today and Rachel's husband Stan & I took them fishing for a few hours on the "Miss Cliare". It was so much fun! They both caught beautiful Coho Salmon...at teh exact same time- they are still arguing as to whose was bigger......and yes, I scolded him for not requesting it earlier.....

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I can't wait to hear how they got them through security on the ship-and what they did with them after......I am sure that they didn't set off any alarms but wonder if they had to "go through" them to make sure they were "clear".....I am sure his next entry will tell all......Make sure you check out the pics that Katie posted for me in the general forum.....

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