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We'll Sing in the Sunshine

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Remember that oldie but goodie? I wrote back in Apri or May that things were going well. My husband had an orange sized tumor in his right lung shrink to the size of a deflated plum after his radiation and chemo. He went back to work the end of April. Two weekends ago, he stared feeling numb on the right side and on Monday he went to the Outdoor of the hospital and they did a catscan. Turns out he had a brain tumor on the left side of his brain and they put him on steroids. We saw the oncologist on Friday and he scheduled an MRI and a body catscan for this morning. He also had a chest xray on Friday and the lung tumor is just opague now. They can see right through it. They read his MRI and catscan while he was there this morning and he ran into our oncologist right afterwards and words like "pea-sized", "superficial" were mentioned in regards to the brain tumor which we can't help but think is positive news. Our next step is that the brain surgeon is going to call within a couple of days to set up an appointment to see if this thing can be surgically removed. In the meantime, anyone want to join me in a chorus of "We'll sing in the sunshine, you know we'll laugh everyday." Oh, BTW, my husband is still riding his motorcycle that he got in April, in fact, he thinks its one of the best things he ever did. I continue to pray for all of us.

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sounds great to me deb, i would sing with you but they don't even let me sing in church.......great news.....my husband buddy had mets to brain, three, they did whole head radiation and the last scan a few weeks ago shows gone so far......if they show a return, per the onc the other day they may do the radio-surgery on him. WE sing in the sunshine, we laugh in the rain.......see, i can sing, watchout Hollywood.....

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We'll ride in the sunshine, we'll ride every day....

Motorcycles are definitely good medicine...we enjoy ours immensely. It's very "freeing". Glad your hubby has had the opportunity to fulfill a wish.

Hoping for continued good news for you guys.

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