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clinical trial questions


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I am trying to research clinical trials just in case that is route we want to go in the future but I am having a hard time. It is so overwhelming- 107 LC trials out there right now!!

Can someone who has been,is in a clinical trial or researched them for someone give me some guidance??

Did you talk to the onc. first?

Did you print the ones off that you thought looked good and take them to an appointment?

What about insurance? Cost? Travel?


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What we did was looked on clinicaltrials.gov, searched through the options, meaning ruling out those that did not apply or that did not allow brain mets, etc. I printed those that may apply and took them to mom's oncologist. He shot down each one for one reason or another, but it is tough bc my mom has brain mets which limits most trials. Hopefuly you can find something just in case and present it to her oncologist to see what s/he says..

Good luck!

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John started Iressa as part of a clinical trial and it was at the suggestion of our oncologist. There was no cost to us, the medication was provided free. I would ask your oncologist what he suggests, they are usually up on what's out there. You could also post this in Ask the Experts and (the other)John will answer or one of the oncologists.

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I think one main question is how far is your mom is able to travel and unfortunately you have to take in account the cost.

As Katie said there are many resources though.

Lori had a good point. Many of the trials may not be available to your mom.

One thing every person on the board needs to know, is that prior treatment usually restricts the trials that one can participate in, because prior treatment may cloud the results of the trial

For example since your mom is on Tarceva, it may limit her to drugs that do not target EGFR.

If trials are something your mom is considering it is important to talk to the Drs so you are not limited in the future.

I did a search on clinical trials for nsclc,recurrent

There are a list of 66 trials

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search ... Crecurrent

But again as Lori said the first step is probably trying to find the ones that your mom qualifies for and then go from there.

Also as others said you can just ask the Onc, hopefully he will be helpful.

If he is not helpful call the major cancer centers near your city


There is a trial of Avastin/Tarceva at


Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Center Inst., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15232, United States; Recruiting

Cindy Naret 412-623-1402 naretcl@upmc.edu

Your mom *may* be eligible if she has not been on Tarceva too long and fits the other inclusion/exclusion criteria

Good luck

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