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Mom update 9/19


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I came back to Toledo on Friday and while my family told me she was getting weaker I was suprised how weak she had gotten. Then today she was even weaker. The nurse said yes they noticed and that she had some conjestion. Said she talked to the nurse practioner and she order a chest x-ray. I said shouldn't we take her to the emergency room, but the nurse didn't feel it was necessary. This is were I could KICK MYSELF!!! Why do I always trust that these people know what is best!! Why am I so damn timid!!!! Thank goodness I called my sister. She came right over saw how she was and called her oncologist. They said get her to the emergency room. As of now they think she may have pneumonia and she is dehydrated. She did seem a bit better tonight once she was on the IV for awhile.

What really irks me is the nurse at the home just wanted to assume it was the cancer progressing and didn't feel there was much we could do? We told her we don't know that! We don't know what is going on! And we want answers before we just give up!!

Sorry to ramble I just get so angry! First at myself for always second guessing myself and not going with my gut. And secondly at some of the doctors and nurses we have had to deal with, I swear my mom seems to get her share of duds. Not all though, we have had some who have been wonderful. ones and I thank God for them.

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ugh, Millie that's the worst. I'm glad mom is cared for now, and I hope you get some solid information and treatment plans. I still get instantly riled up when I think about the doc that told my mom, on a Fri. afternoon, "you might have a blood clot, come back on mon. when radiology is open."


don't second guess yourself, you DID trust your gut -you called your sister and you guys got her help. you're taking great care of both of your parents.



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Hi Millie...I know exactly how you feel! Back in February when we took my dad to the ER (we do not have a cancer centre where we live) and they admitted him, this doctor looked at my dad and said "why are you here?" He knew my dad had cancer and he acted like he should be at home dying or something! I actually was not there at that time but mom told me. I can't believe my dad was under his care for almost a week! I called his onc. and he told me it was quite common to be short of breathe after radiation! I felt a lot better. I can't believe there are doctors out there like that!!!

I hope your mom feels better. My dad went through the same thing.



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