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Pain control - bone mets


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Hi -

My mom is about to start radiation on the neck and hip areas...she is in extreme pain. Originally she was taking percocet (a lot of it) which isn't working. The doctor has now put her on Dilaudid...can you tell me your experience with this medication, maximum dosage -- and thoughts about other pain meds to get her through this?



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I'm so sorry that your mom is suffering from such pain.

I took Dilaudid (4mg)for a while but found that it didn't work as well as Vicodin for me. A higher dose would likely have worked but the side effects were too bothersome for me. I'm not sure what the max dosage is on it.

Fentanyl patches works very well but again I could not tolerate the side effects. They are considered long acting pain meds vs. short acting ones like Dilaudid, Percocet, Vicodin, etc. that you have to take every few hours.

Thankfully most people are not like me and do not have such a hard time with narcotics.

Go to:


There is tons of info on pain meds there. Most of the people posting suffer from chronic pain conditions other then cancer but they still offer a lot of experience with these powerful drugs.

I pray that your Mom will find a drug that works for her and that the radiation treatment will elminate or at least reduce the need for pain medication.

Good luck and God Bless.


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Hi Holly,

I also have bone mets. I have been on morphine sulphate both long acting and liquid for immediate relief. I haven't needed the liquid except when I had withdrawal pain from decadron. The long acting is every 12 hours, but my doctor had me taking it every 8 hours.

Good luck.


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