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I didn't really have throat irritation, but did have esophagitis and some irritation there caused by the chest radiation. They suggested that I sip on Maalox, and I did, but found that popsicles were really wonderful! I liked the cold, and the flavor (strawberry, banana, grape)wasn't harsh and didn't irritate my esophagus going down. They are also a good source of fluids and you need more of those during radiation therapy, I'm told.

Some of the others here will have suggestions as well -- the best thing is finding something that works, and stick with it!


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You can probably get a presciption from your onc on the throat irritation. On things to eat, plenty of liquids for nourishment and to keep from being dehydrated -- Ensure, Breeze, milk shakes, ice cream, Smoothies, Frosties, etc. Better to eat small snacks every two or three hours, than large three meals a day. Don

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I received daily Amifostine injections to help inhibit damage to normal tissue. I think for me it worked very well.

I drank Aloe Juice. You can ask your Radiation Onc for a something called Magic Mouthwash (a combination of lidocaine, Maloxx, and something else.) It numbs the mouth, throat and esophagus for a short period of time.

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