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ideas for LC awareness


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I want to do something next month on campus for LC awareness, and possibly to raise so money for the cause. I dont have a lot of free time to do tons of planning. I was thinking about "selling" the little lung cancer ribbons for a dollar donation in the cafeteria, or perhaps the breathedeep bands, and accompany them with an info pamphlet of LC stats and prevention stuff. I am also writing a Letter to the Editor for my school paper to raise awareness. Do you have any ideas? Where can i find a good pamphlet to hand out? Also is there a cheap way to get some gift (the ribbons or bracelets or something) to give to those that donate? I'd appreciate your ideas!!!

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Wow...so glad to hear about all your plans. I think the perfect lady to talk to would be our own KatieB. She is so great at this sort of thing. She has tons of wonderful ideas. Just PM her!!!

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That is really great that you want to do something to help the cause. Awareness is definitely something that is desparately needed.

There are some people here from Cleveland who maybe can give you a hand.

Like Ann said PM KatieB, I am she has information that could help you.

Good luck


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