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Calling! Rocco, Judy B, Tracy, Rita, Laurene

Donna G

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August Pancoast Meeting called to orderHello all I am doing fine, other than an unrelated trigger thumb, and Injured rib catilage. You should know I love to celebrate, my 56th Birthday is Monday, tuesday Connie says at group we are having cake because 3 of us have birthdays this month, Connie too! That should be fun. Now how are all of you doing? I heard my mentor in now a 16 yr Pancoast tumor survivor and he is back up north here working at the golf course again this summer.

Rocco hows the radiation side effects , any better?

Judy B Is the thoracic pain sydrome being helped

Rita Bubb In june you said your 6 month check up went well , did the accupucture help your pain?

Laurene from Canada, who was a 2 yrs survivor in Feb are you still checking in?

Please check in . Donna

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Hi Donna,

Thank you for thinking of my dad. He is still in treatment ( halfway throught radiation and just about to start the second round of chemo). Tomorrow will be a hard day for me because I have to step in and help out by taking him to the hospital for treatment and take care of him for the rest of the day. Its going to be so hard to see my daddy like that. My mom usually takes him but tomorrow is an important day at her work and she just couldnt get it off...not that I mind helping out, I like to take care of them both, but I think its going to be a little TOO REAL for my liking.

Friday he had a chest xray done to see if there was any progess and there was "a slight improvement". I will take whatever kind of improvement I can get so I am happy to hear that! Dad has just started to lose his hair and is quite upset about that. I look at it like the treatment is working and with each hair follicle that comes out its only a sign of the cancer leaving his body!

I hope you had a good birthday!!


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