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FLU Do-Si-Do


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Choose your partners, one and all,

Aspirin, Advil, or Tylenol !!!

Now fling those covers with all you've got,

One minute cold, the next minute hot,

Circle right to the side of the bed,

Grab the tissues and Sudafed.

Back to the middle and don't goof off;

Hold your stomach and cough, cough, cough.

Forget about slippers, dash down the hall,

Toss your cookies in the shower stall.

Remember others on the brink;

Wash your hands; wash the sink.

Wipe the doorknob, The light switch too,

By George, you've got the it, You're doing the Flu!

P.S. Some like it cold, some like it hot;

If you like neither, get the shot.

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